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Reputational management 

Regardless of the business sector, systematic work on the reputation allows to create a positive image of the company, which later becomes its valuable asset. At the same time management of the informational field allows to mitigate possible risks.

PR and Communication division of RBS offers a full range of works on reputational management  from the general assessment of the media background, developing a strategy for its adjustment and ending with non-standard solutions. These solutions include work with mass media and social media, as well as adjustment of search results. The work strategy is always unique and takes into account the current objectives of the client.

The key competencies of the division in this area include:

  • Support and promotion of social media accounts
  • Research of reputational threats and media background around persons, companies, projects
  • Creation of a comfortable informational field in anticipation of transactions, appointments of top managers, launch of new projects, etc.
  • Creation and adjustment of articles on Wikipedia and other encyclopedic resources
  • Management of search engine results
  • Working with ratings and reviews
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