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Lobbying in Media

RBS's experts have a system of communicational tools that can create a necessary impact on profitable policy decisions.

Lobbying services are relevant in situations when the legislative activity of the State Duma contradicts the interests of the client. It is necessary to bring an alternative point of view to different levels of state authorities. In this environment, the process of building a comfortable and predictable system of relations with the relevant politicians and governmental authorities responsible for decision-making is being carried out.

Within this service we propose the following:

  • Research of the interests and opinions of key influencing groups
  • Governmental authorities and certain individual's activity analysis in the context of information agenda
  • Analysis of competitors' resources and strategies
  • Investigation of ordered campaigns
  • Total control of the informational field and mentions to define strategies and tactics of media behavior
  • Communicating key messages or alternative points of view to decision making centres
  • Creating massive support effect for a company or its initiatives in the media field
  • Creation of a favorable information background to influence the decisions of the authorities
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