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Anti-crisis PR

RBS's specialists have extensive experience in developing and implementing anti-crisis communicational campaigns. For our experts, communicational crises are new communicational opportunities.

Predicting possible risks and taking into consideration the impact of all factors, we prepare a strategy, select and adjust the tools in real time,  inform on the official position and distract the audience from the negative info hook.

The main stages for the management of communication crisis include:

  • Mass media and social media monitoring with notifications 24h/7d
  • Content seeding in Telegram channels, thematic communities in social networks, in aggregators of popular content, realization of publications in TOP rankings
  • Protection of social media accounts from aggressive users, trolling, unwanted discussions
  • Involving influencers, bloggers and experts
  • Publication management in media
  • Investigation of ordered media and social media campaigns
  • Development and promotion of viral video content to ensure large coverage
  • Drafting and promotion of online petitions
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