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The current economic and legal realities make every large Russian company not to turn a blind eye on requirements of antitrust laws in its activities. Specialists of RBS not only take an active part in the work of expert organizations, helping to improve Russian antitrust laws, but also know all the mechanisms of work of antitrust authorities, which gives our clients an opportunity to successfully solve problems arising in the field of competition.

Main services that are provided to eliminate anti-trust risks:

  • representation of interests of both the applicant and the person in respect of whom an application has been filed for violation of antitrust laws regarding abuse of a dominant position, conclusion of anticompetitive agreements, coordination of economic activity
  • representation of client’s interests in the framework of general antitrust  procedures 
  • representation of interests of both bidders and suppliers, contractors and providers when appealing against the anticompetitive actions of state customers in the context of bids and tenders and their legality 
  • representation in cases of violation of legislation on advertising
  • representation of clients’ interest in their commercial activities in part it coincides with antitrust laws and regulations
  • representation of interests of a person held tortuously liable within the framework of an administrative offense case initiated by the competition authority
  • assistance in recovering losses caused by violation of antitrust laws
  • other consultancy services on antitrust law and competition
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