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After overcoming the crisis stage, the company needs to restart its business operations, return its financial performance to pre-crisis levels, and then surpass them.

Coordinated work of experts of legal, financial and PR and Communication divisions allows to detect weak and strong aspects of the company's activity, directing them to increase the efficiency of business and creating a wide coverage of informational hook with the right emphasis.

The RBS's divisions provide the following services to reactivate the company and improve its financial performance:

  • Building a crisis exit and further development strategies
  • Elaboration of effective legal means to protect the business
  • Increase of capitalization
  • Development of the financial model of the enterprise 
  • Identification of tax reserves
  • Image adjustment and levelling the negative image around the company and its top executives
  • Increase of recognition and political weight of the company
  • Increase of target audience’s loyalty
  • Building internal and external communications of the company
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