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Asset acquisition

Acquisition of an asset is a complex process that includes a range of economic, legal and communication activities.

RBS's experts support the transition of control over the company and integration of the asset, simultaneously implementing the strategy of image and reputational management of both existing and acquired companies.

Support for the acquisition of the asset includes the following areas of services:

  • Comprehensive audit and risk analysis for the company and its shareholders
  • Legal processing and conduct of complex negotiations in different stages
  • Legal structuring of the transaction
  • Post-acquisition capitalization business plan for the asset
  • Centralization of record-keeping and management reporting
  • Reorganization of legal and financial departments
  • Independent audit of the media field around the company, its projects and key management reports
  • Identification of possibilities and risks in the informational field
  • Validation of partners, counterparties, candidates (cсоискатели) and top management
  • Interaction with media
  • Image support of the company's top executives
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