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RBS experts were speakers of Forbes video-project

Anatoly Shashkin and Victoria Arabina took part as speakers in the “Forbes Agenda” project, dedicated to the anti-crisis agenda.

RBS experts were speakers of Forbes video-project

Is it possible to survive the crisis without governmental help? This question was raised by entrepreneurs participating in the “Forbes Agenda” project. Anatoly Shashkin, RBS Managing Partner, and Victoria Arabina, Partner and Head of the Division for Digital Transformation, among other speakers, spoke about the development of technological entrepreneurship, technology transfer stimulation, and popularization of the innovative economy in Russia. 

According to experts, the contemporary market needs the discussion of technological development vectors more than ever. In order to establish the role models for future projects, it is necessary to pay attention to industry leaders’ opinions and discuss the “ecosystems time”. The Division for Digital Transformation led by Victoria Arabina initiated such a discussion during “Forbes Agenda”.

The incorporation of technological projects is crucial for establishing leadership in any industry. Recognizing this, aim to support and stimulate technological initiatives among the industrial leaders in the countries of our presence. These are the countries in Asia, Africa, Latin America, and Europe. Our clients already build their success in a new – technological – format, reducing their costs of offline procedures, implementing new product lines, and changing their marketing and communication strategies. In the nearest future, we expect to launch thousands of projects in the field of end-to-end technologies, capable to present our country and ensure the development of “smart solutions” in each segment of Industry 4.0.
Victoria Arabina, Head of the RBS Division for Digital Transformation

Together with our experts, the program hosted Eduard Gurinovich, founder of Carprice, Alexey Khakhunov, founder of DBRAIN, Marina Ross, co-founder of “Nanobarier” and head of technological startup Hydrop, and Alena Geidt, HR Director of “National Technological Initiative Platform” and “University 20.35”. Dmitry Ozman, Marketing, PR, and Event Director of Forbes Russia, was a moderator of the meeting.

The new program devoted to the anti-crisis agenda is available on the website and the official YouTube-channel of Forbes.

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