Managing partner at RBS Lana Pinyaeva told Forbes in an interview how businesses survive during an era of post-truth


Managing partner at Rights Business Standard Lana Pinyaeva gave Forbes Russia an interview on what tools might help business in a situation of crisis.

“In an age when information is being spread with a huge speed, while newsbreaks more often appear in social networks, it is at least naive to talk about control of information flows. You cannot stop news wave, especially that of negative kind, no matter what budget you have at your disposal. We live in an age of post-truth when everything one says about you matters much more than what and who you really are. That’s why the goal of PR now is to build an integrated system of communications. It will give a company tools to manage this new element which is information” – Lana Pinyaeva told, referring to global changes in PR. 

Today flows of information are much like tsunami waves – they can overtake any business and destroy reputation of any company or a person.

In an interview to a leading business media managing partner at RBS Lana Pinyaeva has brought a set of examples of how to measure efficiency of PR procedures and why deliberately working on one’s own reputation is a long-run game that should not be saved on.

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Lana Pinyaeva has been working in public relations and media communications for more than 10 years. Her key competences include reputation management, anti-crisis communications, agenda-oriented work and territory branding, as well as creating and managing media projects. She has gained expertise while working with large commercial companies (energy and metallurgy, machinery, banks and insurance), and with public institutions and customers (transport, oil and gas, telecommunications). 

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