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Anatoly Shashkin featuring in “Forbes Quarantine”

RBS Managing Partner Anatoly Shashkin spoke to Nikolay Uskov on what businesses expect after the current crisis.

After the self-isolation regime was introduced, even the traditional interviews hosted by Nikolay Uskov, the Forbes editorial director, take place online. Currently, timely subjects are being discussed from home offices via zoom-conferences, rather than in trending spaces of Moscow. This fairly relates to “Forbes Quarantine” – the program aiming to answer the core questions of top-managers and entrepreneurs on what the businesses are supposed to do throughout and after the COVID-19 crisis.

The recent episode of the program was dedicated to anti-crisis legislation and featured our expert, RBS Managing Partner Anatoly Shashkin. During the online-meeting, Anatoly clarified what businesses must be prepared for after the elimination of the virus's consequences.

Apart from Anatoly Shashkin, Alexander Hurudzhi, the Commissioner for Incarcerated Entrepreneurs Rights, and Andrey Gorlenko, Chairman of the Russian arbitration Center Bureau, were guests of the program.

Find a full edition of “Forbes Quarantine” on the official website of Forbes.

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