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Alexander Martynov became partner at RBS

Head of dispute resolution practice Alexander Martynov became partner at RBS.

Alexander Martynov became partner at RBS

Year 2020 began for RBS with good news: Alexander Martynov, head of dispute resolution practice, became partner of legal division. 

Alexander, as an experienced specialist in civil and corporate law, as well as in trial procedures for conflict resolution, became part of the team in 2014. During his working years in the company he succeeded to build one of the company’s largest practices, led by high-ranking specialists who successfully fulfilled a range of large projects for judicial support. Earlier Alexander worked in companies primarily focused on legal consulting, corporate department of a large Russian retail-company, and as a head of legal division in a large engineering company.

Alexander Martynov graduated from Lomonosov Moscow State University, and he currently studies for a PhD degree in Law Institute of RUDN University where he also gave a number of lectures on stock law. He as well participated in an educational program at Loyola University and Columbia University in the USA. He is a member of corporate relations committee and commission for trade in RSPP.

Joining the team of partners was a milestone event, and it will help to reinforce synergic effect, to scale resources and expand limits of our opportunities. For me as a partner, further development and growth of our company, optimization of current workflows and finding new projects are the first priority. I am sure that this stage of our development as a team will soon bring us all its benefits. I am grateful to all of my colleagues for the road we have travelled together, and this is only the beginning.
Alexander Martynov, partner at RBS
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