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RBS is a consultancy company which renders services on a complex support of businesses in law, finance, PR and communication and digitalization both in Russia and abroad. 


RBS was founded in 2012 by a team of partners who previously worked in leading Russian and international corporations, consultancy companies and media. Having acquired experience and knowledge in various spheres and understood the needs of clients, founders united to propose completely different approach to support businesses.


Clients do not have to look for specific consultancy firms and coordinate their work anymore as it suffices to confer the resolution of all problems to a single team which encompasses specialist of different spheres. Four divisions – Legal Division, Financial Division, PR and Communication Division and Division for digital transformation – have become the foundation of our сompany.

It allows providing services both separately by each division and cumulatively by creating a multifunctional team of lawyers, financial advisors and PR-specialists who perform the project in close collaboration by complementing skills of each division. 

The notion “division” is not a coincidence. In Russian language it means a military unit. Divisions of RBSs are like combatants that unite in order to gain the triumph for the client.
The notion “division” is not a coincidence. In Russian language it means a military unit. Divisions of RBSs are like combatants that unite in order to gain the triumph for the client.


Cumulative approach of RBS allows to realize comprehensive risk assessment and to choose appropriate tools for projects of different levels of complexity. Thanks to synergy of the work of four divisions we achieve higher results.
We help businesses to eliminate risks and to establish a foundation for long-term successful development.

Our clients

Our team has finished more than 300 projects not only in Russia and CIS countries but also in the UK, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Cyprus, Malta, Singapore, Turkey and Czech Republic. Various clients trust us including huge industrial, steel, energy, oil and gas, transport and construction companies, public and private organizations, educational establishments, financial and insurance companies, investment holdings and also the heads of the companies and public figures. 

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Company structure

More than 80 professional specialists from high-ranked university (Moscow State University, Moscow State Law University, MGIMO, Higher School of Economics) with experience in Russian holding companies, leading legal and audit consultancy firms and PR agencies work in RBS team.

Legal <br>Division
  • Practices
    • Dispute resolution
    • International commercial arbitration
    • Bankruptcy
    • Public-private partnership
    • Tax and Currency regulation
    • Corporate and M&A
    • Commercial Law
    • Antitrust Law
Financial <br>Division
  • Practices
    • Financial Consultancy
    • Tax Consultancy
    • IT-solutions
PR and Communication <br>Division
PR and Communication
  • Practices
    • Public communication
    • Internet-communication and web-design
    • Visual communication
    • Event management
    • Video production studio
Division for digital transformation
Division for digital transformation
  • Practices
    • Digital transformation practice
    • IT-development and design practice
    • Business-modeling and strategical development practice



  • 80+ profile specialists 
  • 50% of management holds master of PhD degree
  • 95% of company’s specialists  are graduates from MSU, MGIMO, HSE and MSLA
  • Our experts comment on federal media 
  • Our research and summaries are in popular publications
  • Joint projects with Forbes Russia
Professional community
Professional community
  • Membership in professional associations and expert communities
  • Presentations and moderation on profile conferences and forums
  • Educational courses on MSU Faculties of Law and Philosophy 
  • Internship programs for Russian and foreign students
  • Tutorials in leading Russian universities
  • 100+ clients from 10 economic sectors
  • 300+ accomplished projects
  • 30+ educational classes for clients
Social life
Social life
  • Support of environmental initiatives
  • Participation in charity initiatives

and professional communities


RBS and its specialists represent interest of the business in different professional communities

Legal division
We resolve any kind of legal issues by defending rights and legal interests of our clients
Financial division
We help to optimize the business processes and build an effective system of finance management
PR and Communication Division
We build the image, manage reputational risks and create a favorable information field around companies and individuals
Division for digital transformation
We integrate digital and technological solutions for strategic development of your business
Crypto and blockchain assets development division
We create sustainable external and internal communication and business processes for businesses operating in the new digital economy